Company Histroy

Pharm Products dedicated to the Mission "PROMOTING HEALTH" was established in the year 1956 by Mr. G.Swaminathan, B.Pharm with sixty three Medical Practitioners. He is presently the non-executive Chairman of the Company. Pioneers in Herbal Medicine and Preventive Health Concepts for the last 4 decades.

The Company strives to enhance the trust of the Medical Profession and service to ailing patients by continuous commitment to the Three Principles of QUALITY, SAFETY AND EFFICACY.

The company is being managed by a Board of Directors who are eminent Persons with professional qualifications in diverse fields especially in medicine and pharmacy. The Company has a wide range of products in the field of Allopathic Proprietory medicines and Generic drugs, besides specialised effective Traditional Herbal Remedies for ailments, for which Allopathy has no cure.


The Company is well equipped with automatic machinery for manufacturing oral liquids, capsules, tablets and ointments. The manufacturing and monitoring operations are being carried out by highly qualified competent Chemists with the necessary experience and expertise. The Company is the recipient of W.H.O. (World Health Organisation), G.M.P (Good Manufacturing Practice) certificate issued by the periodic inspection and appraisal, authenticating the Company's adequate manufacturing facility for producing quality medicines of international standards.


A full fledged Analytical Laboratory with latest instruments is functioning in the Company's Factory which enforces strict quality control and ensures that the finished products of the company are of excellent quality.


Being a multi-crore sales company with many divisions the products of the company are being marketed through direct representation. Thousands of Doctors are being met every month by scores of Medical Representatives and Sales supervisors for briefing on the products to medical profession.

Pharm Products which is a progressive and progressing company is to maintain a long ranging cordial business relationship with its immediate, intermediate and ultimate customers to benefit them and to be benefitted by them.

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